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    Apr 2014

    Standing Back Up
    Post by: Bobbi Janzen

    Before I left, I had someone tell me I do not try hard enough. Well this is one of the things I do, for me. Four months after surgery I needed to get back up. Everything I do in life involves my whole heart. My family, my work, and if you watched my squat and deadlifts, you can tell I pour it into my lifting...

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    Mar 2014

    Tuning In
    Post by: Bobbi Janzen

    Training away from home and stepping outside of my box two weeks away from Nationals is always a pleasure and a key component for me. Having people get in my space and changing what I see in my peripheral helps so much. I am so used to my own space and having my useable sight clear...

Our Testimonials

Jeff and Flaman Fitness have proven to be our greatest professional connection. They have gone above and beyond, and we are so thankful for their care and attention to our project as they supported, sourced and re-sourced, provided industry guidance and advice, and helped us find the "toys" that would facilitate our functional programming.

Chandra Groves - September 11, 2013. Read More Testimonials

I purchased my equipment from Flaman Fitness because the local dealer brought some equipment to my gym and left it there for my customers to use. I really liked the equipment and the customers liked the equipment. I’ve received good customer service. It’s nice to have someone to talk to directly.

Winston Green - May 21, 2013. Read More Testimonials

Thomas Heffernan, owner of Primal Movement gym in Toronto, worked with Flaman Fitness to set up his new facility. “I'm very happy with the product,” he says. You can read what Thomas had to say by clicking below.

Thomas - May 07, 2013. Read More Testimonials

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